Subway offers 15% discount on tuna after lawsuit alleging company tuna does not contain tuna

After a lawsuit claiming Subway’s tuna does not contain tuna, the fast food company is responding by encouraging customers to try it for themselves.

Metro offers 15% reduction on its tuna stalk when customers use the code “itsreal”.

“Our tuna salad is made from 100% tuna mixed with mayonnaise,” says the company’s website.

The trial was filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of California, claiming the company intentionally made “false and misleading statements about the use of tuna as an ingredient.”

“We found that the ingredients were neither tuna nor fish,” said one of the attorneys representing the two plaintiffs in the lawsuit in an email to The Washington post.

The lawsuit did not indicate what he thought the tuna was made of instead.

“As independent tests have repeatedly stated, the products are made from everything except tuna,” the lawsuit says. “Rather, the products are made from a mixture of various concoctions which do not constitute tuna, but have been mixed together by the defendants to mimic the appearance of tuna.”

Stories about the trial went viral, we talked about it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and catching the attention of Jessica Simpson.

“It’s okay @SUBWAY. IT’S confusing,” she tweeted, referring to her famous chicken and tuna confusing moment.

“Ugh, we were about to call you,” Subway replied to Simpson. “Confirmed. Our tuna is 100% wild tuna and 100% no chicken.”

Subway has responded to some of its 2.3 million followers, continuing to support its tuna.

“Keep fishing, we will continue to serve 100% wild caught tuna,” the fast food chain tweeted.

Those who want to try it out for themselves can get the 15% off by ordering through the Subway app or online, the company said.

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