Supercomputer reveals the likelihood of Millwall being promoted this season – do you agree? Use Promoted Tab Probability

Millwall look to be in the Sky Bet Championship play-off mix again this season, and Lions fans will be hoping this is one where they finish in the top six and have a good shot at winning promotion. to the Premier League.

While many teams at the forefront have descended from the Premier League and have the riches to fight for promotion immediately, Millwall’s road to being perennial play-off contenders has been different, and they have worked hard for it.

Indeed, they are one of the stalwarts of the Championship, but they dream of Premier League football, like any team, and they would make a change to the game’s top flight if they rise.

What are their chances of doing so, then? With the help of the website, we took a look…

The website predicts the odds of various scenarios playing out in leagues in England and beyond, and things look promising for Millwall.

Already, their chances of relegation this year are only 2%, while the table they predict currently places them 6th at the end of the season – they are currently 9th remember.

They are ahead of Blackburn and Swansea, who they are currently behind, with a 28 per cent chance of qualifying for the play-offs this season.

From there they then have a 16 per cent chance of earning promotion, with them against Watford and then one of Norwich City or Queens Park Rangers if they are to go all the way in the play-offs.

In terms of a total division win, Millwall have a 3% chance according to the website’s research.

So this could be a very memorable season, and Millwall fans hope these predictions are 100% accurate.

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