Tachyum unveils flattened networking for Prodigy Exascale supercomputers

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tachyum™ today unveiled a high-performance, low-latency, low-cost, low-power, highly scalable exascale flattened networking solution that provides a superior alternative to the InfiniBand communication standard more expensive, proprietary and with limited scalability.

Ethernet has a long history of providing networking solutions that have constantly evolved to meet customer needs and have consistently led the market. Data center networking topologies have also evolved from the traditional Clos architecture with multiple levels of hierarchy to different levels of flattened network topologies that reduce latency while saving on cost and energy.

As the world moves away from multi-layered networks, companies like Meta are moving to flattened networks with fewer layers that allow them to reap tremendous benefits, such as cost optimization and data center efficiency. Tachyum has developed a network infrastructure to support HPC/AI deployments for the Prodigy Universal Processor. Tachyum’s flattened network infrastructure is optimized for performance, cost, efficiency and maintainability to help it achieve its goal of doing more with less.

Among the performance milestones achieved with Tachyum’s flattened networking capabilities is achieving network bandwidth with 186 Gbps RoCE between servers. Additionally, bandwidth increases to 224 Gbps per lane will be available in 2025, and 1024 lanes in 2U switching with OSFP-XD in the near future.

“Once again, Tachyum is showing its industry leadership with a flattened new network, which provides a roadmap for many to follow in the future,” said Dr. Radoslav Danilak, Founder and CEO of Tachyum. “Prodigy’s breakthrough architecture will have the best possible network topology for Prodigy clusters, including future supercomputer deployments. This technology should be a requirement for Slovak supercomputers. Everything else is grossly unjustifiably inferior.

Prodigy delivers unprecedented data center performance, power and economy, dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Due to their utility for high-performance and business applications, Prodigy-powered data center servers can seamlessly and dynamically switch between workloads, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated AI hardware and dramatically increasing utilization. servers. Tachyum’s Prodigy delivers up to 4x the performance of the highest performing x86 CPUs (for cloud workloads) and up to 3x the performance of the highest performing GPU for HPC and 6x for AI applications.

Those interested in learning more about Tachyum flat networking for supercomputers can download a white paper detailing trends in high-performance networking technologies at https://www.tachyum.com/resources/whitepapers/2022 /10/26/tachyum-networking-strategy-and-direction-for-prodigy-data-center-deployments/.

A video demonstration of Tachyum’s HPC networking for supercomputers is available at https://youtu.be/WY_vspZ34_g.

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About Tachyum

Tachyum is transforming the AI, HPC, and public and private cloud data center markets with its recently launched flagship product. Prodigy, the world’s first general-purpose processor, unifies the functionality of a CPU, GPU, and TPU into a single processor that delivers industry-leading performance, cost, and power efficiency for specialty and high-end computing. general use. When Prodigy processors are delivered in a large-scale data center, they enable all AI, HPC, and general-purpose applications to run on hardware infrastructure, saving businesses billions of dollars. dollars per year. With data centers currently consuming more than 4% of the planet’s electricity, up from 10% by 2030, the ultra-low-power Prodigy Universal Processor is essential to continue doubling global data center capacity every four year. Tachyum, co-founded by Dr. Radoslav Danilak, is building the world’s fastest AI supercomputer (128 AI exaflops) in the EU based on Prodigy processors. Tachyum has offices in the United States and Slovakia. For more information, visit https://www.tachyum.com/.

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