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Tencent’s RMB 45 billion Yangtze River Delta AI intensive computing center to be commissioned

At the 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Conference, Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and CEO of Cloud and Smart BP, said that the Tencent Yangtze River Delta AI supercomputing center, in which Tencent has invested 45 billion of RMB, will be put into use soon. It is reported that on June 6 this year, Tencent’s Yangtze River Delta High Performance Computing Center and AI Industrial Base was launched in Songjiang District, Shanghai, becoming an important part of the news. Tencent’s infrastructure in eastern China. The entire industrial park, which covers an area of ​​236 acres including 50,000 square meters of office buildings, is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2021.

AliHealth is piloting China’s first innovative “digital matching of influenza vaccine supply and demand” project

Alibaba’s healthcare subsidiary, AliHealth, piloted China’s first innovative project – “digital matching of influenza vaccine supply and demand” in the city of Haining. According to the official introduction, the project provides a digital solution to problems such as asymmetry of immunization information and the mismatch between supply and demand through cooperation of vaccine supply with manufacturers of vaccines. vaccines concerned. AliHealth said he hopes this service can be rolled out to more cities in the future.

Huawei will build more than 20 AI data centers this year

At the 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Conference, Xu Yingtong, president of Huawei’s Ascend Computing business, revealed that Huawei will begin construction of more than 20 AI data centers during this year.

SenseTime Launches SenseAuto, a New Independent Brand of Smart Car Solutions

SenseTime launched its new independent brand SenseAuto for smart car solutions and showed its complete layout for the first time. According to reports, SenseTime’s current smart car business covers the SenseCore AI device as the cornerstone and the SenseAuto Empower engine as the foundation. SenseAuto Pilot, SenseAuto Cabin and SenseAuto Connect constitute a complete system.

CICC estimates that the application of AI to carbon neutrality will bring in RMB2 trillion in the next ten years

CICC believes that carbon neutrality will become another important application scenario for artificial intelligence to be effective. It should fit into typical scenarios such as cities, manufacturing, automobiles and electricity, mature new business formats such as autonomous driving and smart manufacturing, and accelerate the achievement of the goal of ” carbon neutrality ”. Investors are advised to focus on investment opportunities in ten major areas: smart grid; civilian drones; mobile robots; industrial internet platforms; artificial vision; Smart cities; Cloud computing; AI chips; intelligent driving services; sensors. It is estimated that the aforementioned fields will bring nearly 2 trillion RMB of industrial space to China over the next ten years.

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