Texas Tech pays tribute to the last class of its first century

More than 4,700 Texas Tech undergraduate and graduate students from every college in the university marched on stage in front of family and friends during commencement ceremonies Friday and Saturday at the United Supermarkets Arena.

After years of study, the students received their diplomas and heard messages praising them for their hard work and encouraging them for a future life.

Technology President Lawrence Schovanec said this semester’s graduates carry the distinction of being the last class of the first century in Texas Tech’s history — the university celebrating its centennial in the coming year — as well. than being a class that persevered through a pandemic.

Texas Tech launch continues Saturday

“You have shown an exceptional level of perseverance and courage,” Schovanec said. “You have learned to be more resourceful and adaptable. These are traits that will serve you well for the rest of your life. I am assured that you are prepared and ready to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges that life will inevitably present.

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec addressed the graduates during Friday afternoon's commencement ceremony at the United Supermarkets Arena.

He also conveyed his gratitude to the graduating class for choosing Texas Tech and for leaving their mark on the university.

Texas Tech System Board of Regents Vice Chairman Mark Griffin reminded graduates that this moment is not just a time to celebrate graduates’ academic achievements, but also a time to celebrate everyone who has helped them acquire a university education.

He said graduating from Texas Tech means they are part of a family and a proud Red Raiders heritage.

Texas Tech students participated in the commencement ceremonies for the College of Arts and Sciences on Friday afternoon at the United Supermarkets Arena.

“You will be part of a special tradition…you will become leaders in your families and in your communities,” Griffin said.

This year, the speakers at the start were students from each graduation ceremony, reflecting on their time at Tech and the lessons they learned along the way.

After the provost conferred the degrees on the students, the students sang the Matador song for the first time as graduates of Texas Tech University. In total, nearly 5,000 students graduated from Texas Tech, Texas Tech School of Law, and other university entities this semester.

A new Texas Tech graduate gives the Guns Up during Friday afternoon's commencement ceremony at the United Supermarkets Arena.

Banner stands

Outstanding students, chosen based on their overall achievements, will carry banners representing their colleges. The banner holders are:

Davis College: Isabella A. Schoenherr, Natural Resource Management

Faculty of Architecture: Jacqueline Reyes, architecture

College of Arts and Sciences: Dyllin Jett Gallegos, Cellular and Molecular Biology

College of Education: Melanie Nicole Scott, Education

College of Humanities: Julia Brown, Addiction Counseling and Rehabilitation Sciences

College of Media and Communication: Isaac Ryan Ortega, Public Relations and Strategic Communication Management and Communication Studies

College of Engineering: Emma Grace Mishler, Mechanical Engineering

Doctoral school: Tamara Knight, educational director

Honors College: John Poquiz, Microbiology; Céline Cuellar, environmental engineering; Grace White, publicity; Madison LaFont, education; McKaylyn Haynes, honors science and humanities

Rawls College of Business: Claire Nicole Bingamon, Director

TCVPA: Gabriela Guadalupe Garcia, dance

University Programs: Samantha Pilch, University Studies

Honor the students

The top-ranked spring graduates for each college/program are:

Davis College: David W. Hemphill, agricultural and applied economics; Caleb L. Kunde, animal science; Ashley E. Peterson, animal science; Isabella A. Schoenherr, natural resource management; Shae Lynn Suttle, animal science

Faculty of Architecture: Jacqueline Reyes, architecture; Timothy Dakota Tipparach, architecture; Collin Wesley Whitener, architecture

Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Ali Aftabi, biology; Catherine Darlene Agarwal, chemistry; Mohamad Altabaa, microbiology; Matthew Reuben Amunrud, story; Ashley Elizabeth Boyce, psychology; Valerie Ann Carpenter, Spanish and Personal Financial Planning (College of Humanities); Joshua Avery Cauto, political science; Payton Elizabeth Conlin, English; Kelsey Hunter Cornish, psychology; Mikaela Nicole Daum, microbiology; Jordan Christopher Despain, economics; Garren Joshua Ferreira, microbiology; Megan Ruth Fleenor, English; Samuel Leonard Flesner, biology; Megan Lee Fortner, psychology; Dyllin Jett Gallegos, cell and molecular biology; Grace Katherine Gandy, English; Joselin Garcia, psychology; Mya Joyce Garcia, psychology; Evelina Mirasol Garza, general studies; Juan Estevan Gonzales, social work; Elizabeth Mallory Gunder, psychology; Saphiro Astrid Guzman, political science; Lauren Cole Hamic, history and political science; Morgan Elizabeth Hannon, psychology; Grace Anne Harrison, Geography; Robin Heinz, psychology; Tristan Terence Herring, psychology; Quynh Nhu Ho, microbiology; Katherine Mercedes Jost, psychology; Nathaniel Kimball, microbiology; Robert Madden Jr., microbiology; Jordan Allen Marcum, history and political science; Joshua Frank Martinez, political science; Conner Smith Massenburg, biochemistry; Brittney Danielle McEwan, biology; Ben Jawn Feola Mitchell, political science and general studies; Namratha Mohan, psychology and general studies; Brylee Nicole Montes, kinesiology; Token Elva Mumma, psychology; Arya Alexander Nekovei, microbiology; Linh Do-Thuy Nguyen, economy; Thomas Ryan Nolan, microbiology; Clayton Carter Paget, mathematics; Phuong Audrey Diem Pham, biochemistry; Zachary David Reber, biology; Brandon Connor Richardson, biochemistry; William N. Riley, kinesiology; Marley Elizabeth Roser, story; Theodore Singh Sandhu, microbiology; Jesus Silva Mendez, cell and molecular biology; Emilie Barbara Sklarenko, wind energy; Lauren Marie SoRelle, philosophy and specialization in sciences and humanities (Honors College); Hailee R Stacy, kinesiology; Marlee Ann Street, Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences (College of Humanities); Neeti Swami, biochemistry; Aaron Christopher Szczesny, economics; Caitlin Lauren Tayag, Cellular and Molecular Biology; Alessandra Velasquez, psychology and kinesiology; Sabrina Renee Wilson, microbiology; Daniel Haworth Xue, General Studies; Britney Nchongwa Yakum, biochemistry

College of Education: Brooke Madison Bussey, Education; Kellie Marie Holland, education; Madison Alain Humphrey, education; Sarah Elizabeth Lampkin, education; Melanie Nicole Scott, education; Kondi Makenna Smith, Education; Victoria Catherine Thackray, Education

College of Humanities: Erin Marie Wilson, Humanities; Zoe James Ellis Finley, humanities; Rebecca Ashley Steinman, humanities; Emily Joyce Marr, humanities; Valerie Ann Carpenter, Spanish (College of Arts and Sciences) and Personal Financial Planning; Lindsey Jane Duesterhaus Ortega, nutritional and dietary sciences; Chenshi Luo, human development and family sciences; Joy Christine Driver, nutrition science and dietetics; Andrew Graeme Lamis, personal financial planning; Gabrielle Alyssa Tocci, human development and family sciences; Journey Marie Roddie, human development and family sciences; Mikalyn Rochelle Greenzweig, humanities; Campbell Elizabeth Beard, Early Childhood Education; William Jerome Stone, human development and family sciences; Liana Disi, humanities; Araceli Avila-Arteaga, human development and family sciences; Kelli Mary-Ruth Comley, nutrition sciences and dietetics; AnaClaire Henderson, nutrition; Jeana Marie Avalos, human sciences; Marlee Ann Street, Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences) and Human Development and Family Sciences; Alexa Peters, Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management; Natalie Kay Conlin, humanities; Cassandra Rose Colbjornsen, humanities; Tatum Elizabeth Granato, Humanities

College of Media and Communication: Faythe Anne Reeves, Creative Media Industries; Gloria Virginia Reyna Flores, digital media and professional communication; Garland Frank Spivey II, digital media and professional communication; Heather Anne Jones, communication studies; Abigail Anne Lee, communication studies; Brewna Elizabeth Sellers, journalism; Jayden Elizabeth Gill, Public Relations and Strategic Communications Management; Isaac Ryan Ortega, Public Relations and Strategic Communications Management and Communications Studies

College of Engineering: Andrew Stewart Gearin, Chemical Engineering; Carly Ann Stroud, chemical engineering; Collin James Longley, civil engineering; John Vernon Lim Manacup, IT; Thanh Huy Ngo, IT; Muhammad Saqib, IT; Christopher James Cadman, environmental engineering; Thomas Kyven Chen, Industrial Engineering; Knox Welborn Cash, mechanical engineering; Ricardo Antonio Hernandez, mechanical engineering; Graham Thomas Kelso, mechanical engineering; Kodi Elizabeth Kirtland, Mechanical Engineering; Claire Elizabeth Marnell, Mechanical Engineering; Emma Grace Mishler, mechanical engineering; Cole Alan Whatley, Mechanical Engineering

Honors College: Lauren Marie SoRelle, philosophy (College of Arts & Sciences) and honors sciences & humanities

Rawls College of Business: Annika K. Aasbo, Director; Emily Y. Ayoubi, finance; Milleniah Lynne Bailey, director; Joseph Timothy Barrowman, supply chain management; Claire Nicole Bingamon, director; Khalil Abraham Boroski, MSA accountant; Garrett Austin Douglas, supply chain management; Kirsten Elise Evans, finance and management; Haley Sara Falick, Information Technology; Genesis Natali Flores, MSA accountant; Cristian Javier Hernandez, director; Naomi Esosa Izedonmwen, information technology and marketing; Brandon Thomas Kasper, accounting; Brendon Patrick King, MSA accountant; Ethan Paul Kiper, supply chain management; Maximo Martinez, accountant; Riley Marie Moore, marketing; Carter Bryce Mulkey, Information Technology; Lanie Ngo, MSA accountant; Collin Zane Redwine, accounting; Madison Jane Richards, accounting; Lauren Margaret Somerlot, director; Kelsey Brianne Thomas, marketing; Keigan Bryce Traylor, Information Technology; Audrey Jean Tuttle, marketing; Gabriel Jesus Vargas, Supply Chain Management

TCVPA: Jennifer Nicole Bowler, art; Gabriela Guadalupe Garcia, dance; Alyssa Layne Gregory, music; Hannah Charlotte Martin, music; Emily Maria Martinez, art; Emma Grace Vieira, music; Chloe Elizabeth Walser, art; Madden Aliene Wilson, art

University programs: Nicholas Stewart, university studies; Samantha Pilch; University studies

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