The companions obtain funding for youth cultural programming

The money will allow the organization to offer cultural programming for early childhood learning.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste is a special French-Canadian event to celebrate the Francophonie of Canada.

On Saturday at the North Bay Bandshell, the green and white Franco-Ontarian flag was prominently displayed during the waterfront celebration.

It is in this context that the Member of Parliament for Nipissing-Timiskaming, Anthony Rota, announced funding of $48,500 for Les Compagnons des fancs loisirs.

The money will allow the organization to offer cultural programming for early childhood learning.

“It’s to promote and allow young people to hear French-Canadian culture. So they bring in shows, they bring in different people who will allow young people to be in touch with their culture, their French-Canadian roots,” explained Rota.

His office further explained how the organization will use the money.

“The project aims to broadcast a dozen shows and interactive workshops for children aged 2 to 5 in Francophone daycares and for 100 to 150 children in public and Catholic school boards in the region. Cultural and artistic creation workshops, as well as the creation of works in French, with points of interest from North Bay and the surrounding area, will also be offered to program coordinators and emerging artists in the region.

Rota went on to say,

“When we talk about culture and we talk about learning a language, it’s not just the language, it’s not just the culture. They go together and you live it every day. And when you live it daily, it really becomes alive and part of you.

The member for Nipissing-Timiskaming says that it is a good investment not only from a cultural point of view, but also economically.

“Because events like this where we bring people in from out of town, they can celebrate and they know if they come from out of town they will get service in French and that allows the economy to grow.”

Arnaud Claude, executive director of Les Compagnons, says the funding will help young children engage with their culture when they are “most curious”.

“It’s a way for us to bring culture, artistic influences to the youngest in the daycares we manage,” said Claude.

“We are considering around 200 children who will be able to benefit from it initially.”

One-time funding comes from the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Official Languages ​​Support Program.

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