To celebrate the 5th anniversary of 100 Thieves, Higround announces a list of killer events

Higround unveils an all-new limited-edition 100 Thieves collection and signs gaming icon Kyedae to its Creators Council. This will be the first release to feature Higround’s new flagship gaming keyboard, the Summit 65 Founder’s Edition.

LOS ANGELES, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Higround, a lifestyle and gaming peripherals brand, today announced its second collaboration with parent company 100 Thieves, a global lifestyle and gaming brand, at the fifth anniversary of 100 Thieves. This new collaboration includes Higround’s first deluxe keyboard and a partnership with female gaming icon and livestreamer, Kyedae Shymko. The capsule is available for purchase and pre-order on November 18 on Higround website.

Higround’s Summit 65 Founder’s Edition Keyboard – priced at $290. Found at

The collection is called Mercury Capsule: a nod to Higround’s unpredictable and exciting designs, and a cheeky nod to the element mercury (whose chemical symbol is HG). Continuing the original 100 Thieves x Higround collaboration, this collection tells the story of perseverance, growth and innovation. The Mercury Pod is an updated and improved version based on feedback received from the first 100 Thieves collaboration.

Along with the new collection, Higround is thrilled to announce that Kyedae Shymko, a Canadian-Japanese Twitch streamer with a cross-platform following of over 3 million. Chosen for her style and prominent voice within the gaming community, Kyedae will join Higround’s first creator, Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An, as the second member of Higround’s Creator Council. Together, they will bring their unique insights into creating future products and partner with Higround for future initiatives. Its announcement coincides with the new Higround collection as part of a celebration of parent company 100 Thieves.

The Mercury capsule includes four unique keyboards, a mouse pad, two sets of keys, clothing, and a multifunctional bag with dedicated pockets for computer peripherals. The PBT dye-sub keycaps feature an extension of the original mountain range featured on the first collaboration’s keycaps, while also featuring a map leading to and alluding to Higround’s origin past. Two of the four keyboards feature Higround’s usual 65% shape with the reintegration of Higround’s co-designed switches with TTC called White Flames. All keyboards feature dual-damped material, OEM profile, and hot-swappable circuit boards. The similarities end there. This collection also features a keyboard that’s meant to last.

Named after Higround’s mountain designs, the Summit 65 Founder’s Edition keyboard is the main dish of the mercury capsule. The Founder’s Edition is the first release in the Summit line and is priced at $290. The keyboard features a solid CNC aluminum frame, which increases the weight and weight of the board, creating a more stable feel. Also inside the frame are Summit 65 exclusive RGB side panels and a brass medallion with the Higround mountain logo on the back of the board.

Beneath each of Higround’s uniquely designed and printed PBT dye keycaps is a Higround designed and created switch – a first for the company – called Geo Switch. Combined with a gasket-mounted design, screw-in Durock V2 stabilizers, and south-facing LED lighting, the Summit 65 is the luxury keyboard any collector dreams of.

The unveiling of Higround’s partnership with Kyedae and the Mercury capsule will take place November 16 and can be watched on Kyedae’s Twitch channel, 100 Thieves Twitch channel, and other video watching platforms. The Mercury capsule will be available for purchase and the Summit 65 keyboards will be available from Higround’s website at November 18 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time).


Higround is a lifestyle and computing peripherals brand that seeks to be an expression of high gaming culture. Founded by Rustin Sotoodeh and Kha Lu, Higround creates high-quality peripherals with unique designs reminiscent of global fashion, gaming and technology cultures. Each capsule showcases a unique collection of items that add personality to computer setups known to sell out in an instant. The brand is widely known for its collaborations with famous brands such as Attack on Titan, SEGA and Beats by Dre. In 2021, the brand was acquired by esports giant, 100 Thieves.


100 Thieves is the premier lifestyle gaming brand. Situated at Los Angeles, the company was founded by former Call of Duty World Champion and YouTube superstar, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. 100 Thieves has esports championship teams competing in League of Legends, Call of Duty, and VALORANT. The brand is recognized globally for its innovative clothing, including its recent collaboration with Gucci. 100 Thieves also produces hugely popular YouTube and social content created by its world-class gaming talents including Valkyrae, CourageJD and BrookeAB. With over 100M fans around the world in just three years, 100 Thieves is one of the fastest growing global entertainment brands.



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