UW Proposes Drastic Changes, Including 75 Layoffs, New Computer School | Wyoming News

Advanced Programs: Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, International Studies, Architectural Engineering, Entomology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Statistics and MBA Programs in Finance and Energy.

Four departments are also offered for disposal: Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and the School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy and Design. Curricula for each department would be preserved and consolidated in new colleges, according to the university.

The positions proposed for elimination will result in layoffs of permanent and non-permanent employees. At least 10 of those positions are department heads, the statement said.

“The professorial positions that are being considered for elimination are filled by real people who work hard for this university, and the magnitude of what we are offering is, to our knowledge, unprecedented in the modern history of the university. », Kevin executive vice-president of the university. Carman said in the statement. “But, the situation we face as a university, with a 25% drop in public funding in recent years and a need to respond to changing times, requires a reconsideration of how we are structured. and what we offer. “

The layoffs may be unprecedented, but the university is focused on how it plans to replace what may be lost. In its Tuesday post, the school explained how the “reconfiguration” will make way for new initiatives, namely a new computer school, a center for entrepreneurship and innovation and an “Outdoor Recreation Initiative”. Wyoming Air, Tourism and Hospitality ”.

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