Veteran author Alan Simon publishes SIDE HUSTLES FOR DUMMIES

PHOENIX, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alain Simon has secondary rushes in the blood.

Side hustle for dummies

“My first side job was in a software and consulting business in the early 1980s, when I was a computer systems officer in the US Air Force,” says Simon. “I wanted to earn some extra money, but my main reason was that my job in the Air Force was to write Cheyenne Mountain missile attack warning software on old mainframes in a language of outdated programming. I wanted to learn for myself the new personal computing technology that was starting to become popular.”

Consulting and Software became Simon’s first book (How to be a successful IT consultant, McGraw-Hill, 1985) which then led to many more hustles as Alan charted a career as a consulting executive: 30 more books on business and technology, university teaching, seminars and training , video technology lessons, novel writing, and even farming. and horses. Come now by Alan Simon latest sideline and most recent book in publisher John Wiley’s popular “For Dummies” series: Side hustle for dummies.

“The world of side hustles exploded when the COVID pandemic started,” says Simon. “The so-called ‘Big Quit’ has led to millions leaving traditional full-time careers, many of them relying on one or more side hustles to earn a living.”

Side hustles include widely known gigs such as driving for Uber or Lyft, delivering food to restaurants or running errands and delivering to homes, running an online store, and creating and monetizing internet content. Other side hustles are more unique, like building a portfolio of lucrative side gigs around baseball and sports cards or becoming a “micro-influencer.” Simon’s new book helps aspiring hustlers navigate and make sense of the world of hustles.

“The first two chapters present a comprehensive picture of today’s side hustles world and help the reader determine the best matches for their motivations, interests, and personality. Suppose someone wants to start a side hustles based on a lifelong interest. date for fashion. Should this person open an online store or start a fashion video series? Or start writing a blog? Or maybe all three? Then, whatever path the reader takes , dozens of key decisions need to be made. Side hustle for dummies guides the reader through the key steps and decision points in many types of secondary activities.”

Key considerations for any side hustler include staying out of trouble with their day job, whether solo or diving into side hustle alongside a friend or family member, and ultimately deciding when and how to grow. – maybe even turn a lateral hustle into full-on business time – or know when to make up your mind to hustle business in another direction. Side hustle for dummies covers all of these critically important topics, and more.

Side hustle for dummies is now available from major book retailers, and a review copy can be requested via the contact details below.

Author Alain Simon lives in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and is available to discuss Side hustle for dummies. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or (570) 764-2454 (cell phone).



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