Viral claim that 85-year-old RSS worker abandons bed for younger man comes up with questions

A viral social media claim that an elderly RSS worker ‘gave up’ his bed in a Covid hospital to a younger person has raised questions.

Doctors said that Narayanrao Dabhadkar, 85, who died three days later at home, had indeed taken leave on medical advice (DAMA), but there was no clarity as to the claim he had abandoned his condition. reads for someone else.

A statement or “news” published on Tuesday by RSS claimed: “Dabhadkar had secured a bed at Indira Gandhi Rugnalay after many races. When transported to hospital, he was barely able to breathe and all hospital admission formalities had been completed. It was then that Dabhadkar saw a woman crying and asking the authorities to admit her 40-year-old husband and provide him with oxygen. Her children were also crying. Dabhadkar told medical staff that he is 85 years old and has lived his life and, if there are no beds available, the bed reserved for him will be given to the man whose family has need him.

The statement further read: “Dabhadkar’s son-in-law and the doctors tried to explain to him that it was necessary to treat him and that there was no guarantee that he would get another bed. However, Dabhadkar called his daughter and told her he was going home, which would be the right thing to do. Being her father’s daughter, she understood his feelings. Dabhadkar signed the consent letter and returned home, where he died after three days.

Sheelu Chimurkar, the doctor in charge of the hospital run by the Nagpur Municipal Company, however said: “Dabhadkar was admitted at 5:55 pm on April 22 and we put him on an oxygen bed in the emergency room. . We told the relatives accompanying him that he will need to be transferred to a higher hospital in case his condition deteriorates. They accepted and left. They returned at 7:55 p.m. and demanded his release. We don’t know the reason, but we advised them to take him to a higher hospital. After her son-in-law Amol Pachpor signed the consent letter, we gave her leave against medical advice.

Asked about the claim making the rounds on social media, Chimurkar said, “Our service staff that day did not witness such an incident.”

The hospital, which has 110 Covid beds, has 92 active beds, with the rest being reserved for the proposed intensive care unit. When asked if the hospital did not have another bed available, Chimurkar said, “We had at least four to five beds available that day.”

Dabhadkar’s son-in-law Amol Pachpor told the Indian Express: “I am in no condition to speak because I was also positive for Covid and what happened is correct. There are no two opinions that he was a man helping nature. But what should we talk about now? Four days have passed since his death. What is there is a fact. That’s all I can say. I am not prepared to speak more about it.

When asked if he had tried to take him to another hospital, Pachpor said, “We searched a lot of hospitals and this is the one where we found a bed. But the rest, you know. Then I took it to my older co-brother because they were all so positive for Covid. I don’t need to tell you anything different.

Pressed further if his stepfather was taken to another hospital, Pachpor again said, “I told you that I am not able to speak. We will talk about this later.

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