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One of the weird effects of pandemic-related TV production delays: When a show returns, after being on hiatus for – in some cases – nearly three years, who can remember where we left off? I don’t know about you, but I watch too many shows to have the plot details of something from 2019 still fresh in my mind. Also, I don’t have a great memory to begin with.

I’ve just started previewing the next season of “Bridgerton,” which returns to Netflix on March 25, and I can’t seem to retrieve one or two of the continuing storylines from the soft depths of my memory. After the first episode, I decided to stop asking my husband if he remembered who such and such a character was, or why he needed to apologize to him; I went online to read old recaps (they’re easy to find, and Wikipedia often includes short ones on its show sites), and it was really helpful.

This Friday, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” will return after more than two years. Obviously, the show isn’t particularly complicated, but still, an encore can never hurt. And a number of other series are finally coming back, so it’s time for you to rewatch them if you plan to watch them. They include:

  • “Snowfall” FX, February 23
  • “Killing Eve” BBC America, February 27
  • “Better Things” FX, February 28
  • “My Brilliant Friend” HBO, February 28
  • “Foreigner” Starz, March 6
  • “To download” Amazon, March 11
  • “Mr. Mayor” and “Young Rock” BNC, March 15
  • “Sanditon” GBH 2, March 20
  • “Atlanta” FX, March 24

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