Westport Museum launches outdoor programming


WESTPORT – A sunny May day saw an outdoor spring market at the Westport Museum.

Co-sponsored by the Westport Garden Club, Saturday’s event showcased several local vendors and offered visitors a chance to just get out there, enjoy the spring day and a lot of socially distant community.

“This is to kick off our summer programming, which will be entirely outdoors,” said Ramin Ganeshram, Executive Director.

“As we start to come out of the woods with COVID, we are not completely there,” she said.

The garden club was also offering presales at Spring Market for its next annual plant sale scheduled for May 14, after having to skip last year’s event.

“We were very happy to be able to partner with them,” said Pat Nave, club president. “We think it’s a great event… and we’re having a great day.”

Ganeshram said a number of new initiatives are on offer this summer through the museum, including several new walking tours and a virtual city driving tour, which is tantamount to a 21st century version of the historic Jennings. Trail.

“This is the updated version,” she said. “We hope that newcomers – and there are so many – will learn more about local and regional history.”

The historic 25 Avery Place building that houses the museum, also known as Coley-Bradley-Wheeler House, will not be open to the public, at least during the summer.

“We are not going to physically open the building until the fall,” Ganeshram said.

Ganeshram said the 1860 building needed a major structural assessment and was not suited to the type of cross ventilation that COVID issues require.

“It’s such an old building,” she says.

Meanwhile, the museum is planning a quality overhaul of its extensive archives, which Ganeshram says are abundant but not easily accessible to scholars or the public.

“The goal (is) for all of our material to finally be cataloged like an accredited research institute,” she said.


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