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Every business owner who is considering accepting payments online should strive to increase their profits. This can be achieved by promoting expensive products, increasing the average cardholder’s check, attracting an audience, or entering a new market. It is important to remember that when the customer cannot pay for the purchase in an elementary way, they will immediately leave the cart and not come back. Hence, it is necessary to take care of the different methods of accepting digital money so that every consumer can choose the most profitable option for themselves.

The right choice of payment methods allows you to increase conversion and monetize the maximum number of possible customers. The simultaneous connection of several payment solutions improves the competitiveness of online services. Let your customers choose the method that works best for them. There is a special platform that deals with transaction protection and transparency. Payments are made under the international security standard, so there is additional layered maintenance against personal data fraud and the assurance that an increased innovative service seamlessly transfers information through encrypted channels.

Most popular payment methods

  • Online credit and debit cards. This option is considered the most common due to the high speed of funds transfer.

  • Classic remittance of funds from financial institutions.

  • Cryptocurrency;

  • Electronic wallets.

Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to provide the customer with a choice in real time because without it the person will reach a denial phase and change their mind about the further processing of the transaction.

How to achieve unified payments?

The aforementioned company is a unified outsourced interface, thanks to which it is possible to optimize and centralize as much as possible the means of payment accepting. The opportunities offered are relevant to any business and allow you to connect with several hundred payment providers and equalizers (secure global partners with a high level of expertise). Unique integration provides the ability to easily accept a wide variety of income transfer methods without any risk or critical hassle. It is allowed to work with several scalable payment partners assess the going concern. You can access billing information and positively influence the strength of the business.

There are a large number of innovative out-of-the-box integrations with payment providers that are well known around the world, have a good reputation, and are seen as expanding / developing tools. Every user will surely find the most convenient method for further integration among them. The presented platform can offer instant or deferred cash withdrawal. Recurring payments and OCTs are also included. Any currency or even cryptocurrency is suitable. You can accept finance automatically, ensuring that a user interface is created under a specific brand, a consumer-centric approach for each user, and an impressive increase in conversion. The company admits responsibility for all the work of the system, as developers check all the moments in person, making sure that the resources used are being used and largely managed.

Professionals keep up to date and successfully execute all point-to-point procedures internally. They present mobile and web versions, pay great attention to tokenization and data protection. Each user can get a consultation when needed.

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