Which universities are producing today’s programming talent?

As business demand for entry-level software developers increases, there is a lot to be found beyond the top schools.

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It’s not just the top universities that offer top-notch computer science programs. A new report reveals that other universities in the United States are training students with the highly sought-after programming skills that businesses need.

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As the demand for software developers outstrips supply, now is a good time to look for tech talent in new places, according to the HackerRank report, “The best new tech talent may not be where you are. think: a guide to hiring in universities in 2021 “.

The main languages ​​that businesses are looking for are Python, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Rest API, and Go.


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“As more American companies embrace long-term remote or hybrid working, they have their pick of top tech talent in multiple parts of the United States – and beyond schools with programs for computer science that often tops academic rankings, like Carnegie Mellon University or MIT, ”wrote the report’s author, HackerRank CEO Vivek Ravisankar.

For example, students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology topped the rankings in four out of five languages, according to the report. Outside of the New York metropolitan area, “there are pockets of great talent” at the State University of New York in Buffalo and Rochester.

“Going west, top talent emerges at the University of Texas at Arlington and Dallas, which is remarkable as some companies are opening up new office space in Texas. Oregon State University is another notable example. “Ravisankar wrote.

The report assessed the success rates of certifying students in the languages ​​in which they test themselves most frequently.

Python, SQL and Java remain strong; Go becomes mainstream

Python is the preferred language of developers for certification, and the second most requested by companies, according to the report. “Its versatility means it is appreciated by novice developers and those working on heavy industrial applications.”

Additionally, “SQL skills are crucial for budding data scientists – a role that is experiencing constant growth in demand – and most businesses still need these skills to access data stored in a relational database.” , wrote Ravisankar. “SQL continues to hold up well among students, and we are seeing similar success with Java certifications.”

He called Go “the popular new kid on the block,” noting that it was developed by three Google employees to solve construction issues with other languages. “Its speed, huge lack of documentation, and concurrency mean it’s gaining traction with big names in the industry, including Uber, Dropbox, and of course, Google.”

JavaScript and Rest API skills are not as strong

Despite widespread use by companies like Netflix, PayPal and Instagram, “there is a palpable aversion to JavaScript in the developer community, and its certification success rate hovers at just 27%,” according to the report.

That said, “These are the best skills businesses are looking for. Meanwhile, companies like Twitter and Slack moving away from REST mean developers are less interested in learning it,” according to the report.

The University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Central Florida, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor are other notable American schools referenced that offer computer science programs.

Universities with strong computer science programs in the world

In India, the University of Mumbai leads skilled tech talent pools for Python, JavaScript and REST API, while PICT has the best pools of young Java and SQL talent in the country, according to the report. VIT, Chennai “also makes a strong impression in all languages”.

Historically, companies have sought the best tech talent in India only in IITs, NITs and BITS, the report says, “especially because hiring managers did not have the bandwidth to conduct face-to-face interviews. more universities in such a large talent market.

“With the emergence of platforms like HackerRank, this challenge is fading,” the report says. “Now hiring managers can quickly assess candidate skills remotely. ”

Companies looking for tech talent in other APAC countries can find highly qualified students in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka at schools such as Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, the ‘Binus University and the University of Peradeniya, according to the report.

“Strong tech talent is likely to continue to emerge in this region over the next several years: Indonesia is now among the top 10 countries with the most startups generating the more than $ 1 billion, while the young hand -work in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is increasing.

In Europe, traditionally well-ranked computer science programs such as those at Oxford University and ETH Zurich are on the list, but the top tech talent in Europe is distributed more widely than many rankings suggest. traditional, according to the report.

For example, universities in Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and England hold the highest honors for students with skills in Python and API Rest, according to the report. “For businesses looking to expand outside of high-cost countries, there are several schools in Egypt, Turkey, and Poland that offer students Java and SQL skills. ”

HackerRank said it reviewed more than one million certification attempts in 14 skills made by 1,149 college students in 102 countries, between January 2020 and April 2021.

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