Why can’t call centers employ staff I can understand?

I just got the most infuriating phone call I’ve had in a long time.

I needed to phone my ISP about a problem. The lady on the phone had a hard time understanding me as I know this call center is overseas. His command of the English language was not very good and myself being hard of hearing did not help.

I had to go over my details again and again and then she had to use her computer on her own. I could tell she was not up to par with the PC as I could hear her talking to herself and maybe watching a script on how to fix my problem.

I waited on the phone for about 20 minutes and had to keep saying hello because she never let me know she was still on the line.

Clients should not accept such a service. This company goes to another country for its workers because it can pay them a pittance before giving jobs to the people of this country and paying them the going rate. Again, it’s all about the money.

Years ago when someone wanted to work as a telephone operator at the Blackburn Telephone Exchange one of the things to do at the interview was to provide a recording of their voice and if their diction was not good and that didn’t speak the Queen’s English well – end of interview. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Dick Tourpin

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