Why Holcim is abandoning computers for phones

“For someone in my role, or for someone in a general office role, there’s nothing you can’t do on a phone these days,” Mr. Hiscox said. The Australian Financial Review.

Holcim ANZ moved away from Microsoft Office 365 and turned to Google Apps a few years ago, so most of his apps work “more or less” the same on his phone as when he did. a Windows laptop, he said.

Some Holcim employees, such as finance staff, still use Office 365 and can either use the Android version of apps like Excel and Word, or, if those versions are not enough, use DeX to load. virtualized versions of the Windows operating system, running in the cloud, and essentially running Windows from their phones, he said.

We will all have the DeX solution by the end of the year. I am nervously excited.

– George agriogiannis

So far, says George Agriogiannis, Managing Director of Holcim ANZ, the decision to ditch the laptop and replace it with Samsung phones has been a huge success.

When COVID-19 hit last year, the company was able to send hundreds of its employees home just with their phones and a “DeX Station,” a small docking station the size of a phone. laptop that connects the phone to a screen, keyboard and mouse.

“It was a lot easier for us to switch to remote work than I thought. It was pretty transparent, almost terribly easy, ”said Mr. Agriogiannis.

Holcim’s transition from PCs to phones won’t be complete until late 2021, and for now, the CEO still has a laptop.

“But I’m on the timeline of replacing my laptop. We will all have the DeX solution by the end of the year. I am nervously excited, ”he said.

“There’s nothing I do on my laptop that I can’t do on my phone, to be honest. That’s why I’m not too worried about moving around.

“There is a percentage of staff who always feel like they want a laptop. But the fact that DeX looks and feels almost the same means people don’t really feel the loss. They have enough horsepower to do the same job, and the advantage is that they don’t have to lug around a laptop. “

Laptops aren’t the only ones being replaced by cellphones at Holcim.

The company has already replaced the two-way radio system on its concrete trucks with a CB-type push-to-talk system that works on mobile phones, reducing its communication operating costs by 40%, said Mr. Hiscox, and the landlines in his offices have all been replaced by cell phones.

“Yes, there is an economic aspect to that, but it’s also about making us a lot more agile, a lot more mobile,” said Mr. Agriogiannis.

“We are constantly trying to make it easier for our clients to do business with us than with someone else.”

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