Why wooden lights are more ideal

Chandelier and lighting are perhaps the most common way to decorate the house. And if you want to experiment with new and contemporary lights, there’s a way for you to explore.

The decoration of the house and its cozy interior have a major role through lighting. Certainly, if the environment has bright decorations with superficial lamps, it will give the kind of impression that does not impress people. So, if you are recently looking for a fashionable and fashionable look in this article, we help you find the latest chokes.

Today we will talk about wooden lights. There are undoubtedly hundreds and thousands of towers and chandeliers and pendant lights that embellish the interior. However, the importance of wooden lamps is still unbeatable. With the natural touch, it also looks more attractive and royal.

Why are wooden chandeliers important?

Although there is no proper answer to this, if you like, you will know its importance. Also, the type of video that these wooden light fixtures and chandeliers offer is definitely a highlighted factor.

You can incorporate the lights or the wooden chandelier in the dining room or on the kitchen counter and it will never go out of fashion. However, size and dimension should not be overlooked to achieve the right lighting and impression.

The cottage-core styling with the decent bulb and light alignment not only looks impressive, but also serves in a good way. To top it off, there are many styles of wooden light and so you can choose the one you like, and also according to the designer’s advice! Below are the most common types of wooden light fixtures.

  • Geometric wooden chandelier
  • Industrial style linear wooden chandelier
  • French Country Wood Chandelier Lighting
  • Farmhouse Style Wood Chandelier Lighting
  • Contemporary Drum Style Wooden Chandelier

Can we style a wooden chandelier?

Usually, when you hear the word “wood” especially for light fixtures, it lacks style as you might expect with the Crystal chandeliers. However, the best part is that you can definitely opt for the exquisite style; intricate and impressive workmanship and delicate pattern if you buy from a reliable store.

As you know, the crystal chandelier uses small and beautiful beads or prism which reflect light. The crystal glass looks decent hanging all around the lamp. Usually the most expensive and demanded chandelier uses Swarovski crystals. These crystals are precision cut and adjusted for a brilliant look.

Moreover, the wood supply does not only use wood. It also uses many materials to provide support and durability. For example, the chandelier has a thin, wrought iron-like or scroll-shaped metal look and function best. Also wooden chandeliers have the pearls as pendants that give your space or dining room a more defined touch.

How to ideally hang the chandelier?

Like everything, a chandelier also requires a good way to fix it. And if you do not take this factor into account, you may not get the right light at all. If we talk about the rule to put the chandelier back ideally, it is to always hang the chandelier 30 inches to 36 inches above the table provided that the ceiling is 8 feet high.

And if the ceilings are higher than that, you need to hang the chandelier 3 inches higher for every additional foot of ceiling height. According to eh and interior design experts, 9-foot taller ceilings and a two-tiered chandelier are ideal.

To note: Be sure not to hang the chandelier within 48 inches of any furniture or wall.

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