WWE reportedly keeping Lita on lineup after Royal Rumble

It looks like WWE will continue to book Lita for shows after the Royal Rumble, replacing her with some of the top stars who are currently absent.

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Considering the women’s roster on SmackDown is a bit understaffed these days, there are rumors that Lita’s involvement in WWE will continue after the Royal Rumble and she may remain a relevant part. of WWE programming immediately following the premium live event.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lita will remain with WWE as a short-term regular wrestler due to the depth issues WWE is having in the SmackDown Women’s Division. There were already talks that Lita might be back for more than once as AEW would have been interested in bringing her in, but how much Lita was going to be on WWE programming and when she would potentially start wrestling a more regular role was not made clear.


SmackDown has lost some of the top female superstars, as both Sasha Banks and Bayley are injured. Banks is expected to be out for another seven weeks and Bayley’s return is potentially towards the end of February. With Toni Storm having recently left the company, Lita’s presence on the blue brand will come in handy. The most common thought is that she will be working a schedule with Charlotte through the Rumble and all the way to WrestleMania.

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WWE needs stars like Lita

With numerous outings, injuries, COVID cases and other unfortunate circumstances forcing WWE to shift gears, Lita’s return and her drive to work is a huge blessing for WWE. Not only is she a special attraction, but she’s looking forward to another run, telling Charlotte on SmackDown last week that she thinks she still has a good run in her.

It is rumored that Asuka will be back, as will Lacey Evans, but it is unknown if they will be on SmackDown or Raw. Frankly, the red brand could also use a few more legitimate contenders in the women’s division.

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