YouTube TV could lose NBC programming

YouTube TV is one of the best TV providers on the internet because it offers a lot of channels at a reasonable (although still growing) price. Not to mention that it comes with unlimited DVR storage, so you can record as much as you want. Best of all, it can be used on many platforms, such as Android, iOS, and the web. You can watch YouTube TV just about anywhere.

Unfortunately, YouTube TV suffers from some of the issues that plague traditional cable TV providers. For example, from time to time TV providers and channel owners face tough negotiations that sometimes spill over publicly.

Today, YouTube TV reports that the ongoing negotiations with NBCUniversal are apparently not going well. In fact, YouTube TV may lose NBC programming altogether! It would not only be NBC channel, but also other networks, such as USA, MSNBC, Oxygen, etc.

The YouTube team shares a statement below.

We know you enjoy watching Sunday Night Football, spending your weeknights with Jimmy Fallon, and watching Law & Order SVU. This is why we are endeavoring to renew our agreement with NBCUniversal to continue broadcasting their content on YouTube TV. Since our deal expires on Thursday, September 30, and we haven’t been able to come to a fair deal yet, we wanted to let you know quickly so that you understand your choices.

Our request is that NBCU treat YouTube TV like any other TV provider. In other words, for the duration of our agreement, YouTube TV charges the same rates that similarly sized services get from NBCU so that we can continue to offer YouTube TV to members at a competitive and fair price.

If NBCU offers us a level playing field, we will renew our agreement with them. However, if we fail to strike a deal by Thursday, the NBCU range of channels will no longer be available on YouTube TV and we will decrease our monthly price by $ 10, from $ 64.99 to $ 54.99 (so long. that this content remains outside our platform). You can sign up for NBC’s own direct-to-consumer streaming service, Peacock, which they offer for $ 4.99 / month to continue watching NBCU content, such as Sunday Night Football.

While we would like every member to continue to stay with our service, we understand that you can always choose to suspend or cancel your membership. We want to make YouTube TV flexible so that members can pause or cancel at any time. We will give you updates as negotiations continue.

NBCU is an important partner for us and as you can imagine this is not the result we want. We are still in active conversation with NBCU and hope we can break this deadlock to keep their content available on YouTube TV.

Will YouTube TV Really Lose NBC Programming? Damn, I hope not. Look, I’m a very satisfied YouTube TV subscriber, but without NBC and the other NBCUniversal channels, I don’t know if my family and I could go on. Fortunately, I suspect that this public commentary on the negotiations is just a tactic to close a deal.

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