YouTube TV expands its programming in Spanish

YouTube TV now includes new Latin channels and additional options to expand its Spanish content live and on demand.

YouTube is adding three new Spanish-language networks to the YouTube TV experience – Univision, UniMás and Galavisión – all of which will be added to the service at no additional cost to subscribers.

The announcement was made last week by Invision Communications Inc., ahead of two major events for Latin audiences – the 22nd annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 18 and the Campeones Cup airing on September 29, and that matches the start of Hispanic. Heritage. Month.

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In addition to the three major Spanish-language networks, YouTube will also list local programming from Univision and UniMás in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas and Chicago. YouTube TV users will also have access to Univision’s on-demand content and will be able to sign in to the app using their YouTube TV credentials.

YouTube TV will be one of the few streaming TV services where users will be able to access Univision’s content, which could give YouTube a popularity advantage within this audience segment.

In addition to these new Spanish-language networks, in the coming months YouTube will also provide the Latin community with a new add-on option that includes networks such as Sony Cine, CNN Español, Discovery en Español, Estrella TV, Cinelatino and Fox. Deportees.

YouTube has not yet specified the price of the upcoming package, nor the list of its included networks. However, the current YouTube TV package price of 85+ channels is $ 65 per month.

In the coming weeks, YouTube will introduce a separate $ 6 per month add-on for Pantaya, a streaming service for Spanish-language movies.

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